July 19, 2019

travel to England and Ireland

Seems weird to be updating in the “prayforsean” page but I believe pray for Sean was so much more then just praying for Seans physical healing. Anyone who knew him or even those who just knew of him knew how much he loved people without judgment. He had such a vision for others to come to their full potential in life and walk out their God given talent. For them not to settle on just getting by but living their dreams to the fullest. Whenever I think of Sean I see how much he truly did this. He walked thru so many battles but did not let them define him rather used them to help and encourage others and bring greatness into this world. So I truly believe “prayforsean” isn’t over. I believe he showed so many including myself and our five kids what living life is all about and would want me to share and encourage others in doing this.
So my prayer is that anyone who knew him does this, makes right choices, learns from their mistakes, and above all else loves people and loves God.

In my last update I shared that myself and the four younger kids had an opportunity to travel to England and Ireland. We have been gone now for a month and how blessed we are all feeling.

I am so thankful for all your prayers and support. So many of you are praying in this time of healing and how we feel this. There have also been so many of you who have continued to help us whether with money or caring for our house or puppy while we are away and we are so thankful for you.

Since arriving in Ireland all of my family and friends here have done nothing but embrace and love on each of us and we are so thankful for this. It has been amazing to be cared for and loved in such a way that overwhelms my heart and fills my eyes with tears.

The kids have been loving seeing their close friends and have also felt so loved. We’ve had amazing weather and endless adventures. Riding the tube in London, seeing the palace. Exploring old castles, museums, and art galleries. Getting outdoors hiking, and laying by the ocean collecting shells and letting the salty goodness really has a way of healing the soul. There have been many tears and many talks. We miss Sean every minute of every day. But I have been so blessed by each one of my kids and seeing their strength and wisdom and how they have let this tradgedy make their hearts soft rather then hard.

Jenna is working all summer at bible camp. She is having an amazing time ministering to others while being surrounded by creation. We all miss her so and have had a hard time not being able to keep in touch, with her being out of cellphone range. But I am trusting God to continue to reveal himself to her in such clear ways and direct her in the future as she embarks on new adventures after school. So proud of who she is and how she is loving others.

And well that is it for now. Thank you for your love and support. And please make sure to go out of your way and say I love you to that family member that you know knows it but might actually need to hear it. Help out a stranger. Lend an ear to someone who needs to talk. When they talk hear them rather then answering them. Keep your heart soft towards them and call out what you know they could be/do. At least that’s what Sean would do. ❤️

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