February 28, 2019

Today we had Seans oncology appointment

Today we had Seans oncology appointment. It started as it always does with him giving us very bleak news and saying things were worse and it’s only a matter of time till Seans liver fails and he dies.

I asked him to explain in detail to me the MRI. And he did. What is crazy is that there isn’t much cancer and the cancer hasn’t grown. He did not think this was a good thing nor did he dwell on it but went on to say there is so much cirrhosis and nodules that Seans liver is continuing to decrease in strength and will fail in the next month or two. I asked him is all the cancer was gone would Sean be able to get a liver. He said no. Sean will never qualify for a liver transplant in Canada nor would there be a surgeon who would perform a surgery even with a donor. None of this is really new news.

Sean then got admitted into the hospital as last night he started to be confused and by the time we were at his appointment he was having a hard time forming sentences.

They have run a bunch of blood work and believe Sean has hepatic encephalopathy. Usually this is caused by the liver or kidneys failing. BUT the blood tests showed that liver function had not decreased from last month and his kidneys are functioning really well. So they believe the poisoning may be caused by an infection in his stomach. They are giving him antibiotics and a few other meds and believe his thinking should clear up. PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS.

Currently he is unable to make clear sentences and is quite frustrated by this. He also could not pronounce the kids names when they came in to see him.

Please pray for all the kids as well that they would have a peace that is unexplainable. They will all be going to school tomorrow as we are trying to keep some normality for them.
Pray for wisdom and supernatural healing.

Throughout this past year there have been many days like today where the future is bleak. Then I am reminded of how God has shown up and done the impossible. So I will choose to go to bed with that in my heart.

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