April 9, 2019

This trip to Mexico has been a lot different

This trip to Mexico has been a lot different then our last one. It has been hard to not have the kids here as over the last 16years we have always done everything as a family. They are all doing well and we are so thankful for our community that has come around them in our absence.

I have found this time too compared to December, Sean has had a huge battle not only physically but mentally as well. And although most doctors in Canada will disagree, I have seen how much battling sickness is also part of your spirit and mind battle. The Canadian system has broken seans spirit over and over again. Here the Doctors are trying to encourage him and get his hopes up but it is hard after battling this for so long.

Every time I’ve felt discouraged or thought maybe we need to except the facts he’s sick and he’s not getting better whenever I start thinking like this it is crazy the encouragement that comes to not let go to not give up. Like seriously random ppl in a restaurant who speak English. Share their miracle stories and say don’t give up you’ll get healed to Sean. The guy in the coffee shop asks me “do you believe in God? It’s ok if you don’t but look to him I believe he’s going to heal your husband.”
Like what. Ok God. We won’t give up. You have raised dead people. I’ve seen miracles happen.

He can do this for us too. So we are still believing for a total miracle. Sean is doing treatment everyday. Please continue to pray for his headaches. Also that he’d be able to sleep at night. He was up all night last night.

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.
Jer. 31:25

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