April 22, 2019

Sean mustered up enough strength to get out of the house

All your comments and prayers mean the world to our family. Just finished reading them and am always so encouraged.

Yesterday I took the kids to church on my own which always feels a little strange. We all had a lovely time at church. After we went home and Sean mustered up enough strength to get out of the house. We went and watched BREAKTHROUGH as a family. Pretty inspiring true story of a kid actually being raised from the dead. Crazy miracle. It was good to talk about the movie and what each of our highlights or what we could relate to in the movie individually.

Went to bed and was woken up by Sean. This has become our new normal and has been going on for weeks but for the last three days he wakes up multiple times very disoriented and not knowing where he is or what time it is and not being able to communicate what he’s thinking.

Truth be told I’ve been avoiding the hospital. Today we were suppose to start all his health regime from Mexico. (Bought over $11000 worth of supplements) I was praying and believing we wouldn’t have to go to the hospital and could get ahead of this and not have another set back.

At 3:30am I ended up bringing Sean to the ER. His ammonium levels were higher then when he was admitted back in the beginning of March. He is getting admitted to the hospital and is being monitored. Currently we are still in triage as we are waiting to speak with a doctor and for a room.

This is definitely not how I wanted to spend my Easter Monday. We had planned to have my family over for dinner. But I am thankful for yesterday, for the sunshine, and good time we had. This season has really taught me to cherish every moment.

Pray for Sean
For clarity of mind
For his pneumonia levels to come down
Wisdom with doctors
No other infections
Supernatural energy for me I’m running on empty

Psalm 22:31 they shall come and declare that he has done it.

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