April 12, 2019

Sean finished his treatment today

THANK YOU to everyone who prayed this afternoon for Sean. Thank you for all your messages. Another huge shout out to all my family and dear ones back home who are taking such good care of our kids. We are so thankful for you.

Sean finished his treatment today instead of tomorrow. They were afraid his port might start bleeding when they took it out so we wanted to make sure we would be near the hospital the next few days to monitor the situation.

GOOD NEWS! It did not start to bleed. I can’t really explain what a relief this is after watching blood pour out of him for three days straight. Please continue to pray that is does not open up. As it didn’t bleed initially when it was put in but opened up the following day. The doctor said don’t worry he’s going to be ok. What a nice change. Even though he is erring on the side of Hope and there is a chance it could open and they are going to monitor it. He still gave hope. I so appreciated this. I wish this attitude could come to North America’s medical field. Giving hope is ok. Even if it’s not going to be ok we still need hope. This is coming from me and I’m a realist.

Sean is feeling better then when he came. He is ready to see the kids again. We bought all the medication to bring back. There are around 20 different supplements, costing over $11,000 Canadian. Pills to take, tinctures to drink, and some vaccines as well. We will continue these with other supplements we’ve been using along side some therapy machines we purchased. We will start this as soon as we are home.

Thank you for your continued prayer. Sean is feeling much more hopeful returning home and we are forever thankful to you and how you have played a roll in this.

Psalm 126:5 they that sow in tears will reap in joy.

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