Sean is improving!

What encouragement we’ve received through all of your messages and you sharing our story. It is hard to be vulnerable and share our hardest moments and after writing I sometimes brace myself wondering what people might think or say. Yet I believe there is such power in prayer and community that I put my pride aside and think of the end goal and every time I walk away blessed. So I want to encourage anyone reading this maybe you are struggling and want to share with a friend but are afraid of what they’ll think of you. DO IT. SHARE we need each other we are better together.

Sean is improving! Thank you for praying. Yesterday was a scary day and has definitely made us reevaluate future plans. We still believe it is in seans best interest to return to Mexico. Our plan is for the end of March.

Sean will be in the hospital all week. They still have not figured out the exact cause of his hepatic encephalopathy. But are giving him antibiotics for infection and also treating his leg swelling.

We are still believing for miracles but are also preparing for the worst. So after Mexico Sean really wants to focus on the family and spending time together.

Thank you to everyone who has bought a shirt and supported us in getting back to Mexico. Thank you for sharing our shirts. Currently you can not buy one as it was a three week fundraiser. We are hoping to launch a video update and do another 3week shirt fundraiser in the next couple of days. So stay tuned and keep praying.

Col 3:15 let the peace of God rule in your heart.

Today we had Seans oncology appointment

Today we had Seans oncology appointment. It started as it always does with him giving us very bleak news and saying things were worse and it’s only a matter of time till Seans liver fails and he dies.

I asked him to explain in detail to me the MRI. And he did. What is crazy is that there isn’t much cancer and the cancer hasn’t grown. He did not think this was a good thing nor did he dwell on it but went on to say there is so much cirrhosis and nodules that Seans liver is continuing to decrease in strength and will fail in the next month or two. I asked him is all the cancer was gone would Sean be able to get a liver. He said no. Sean will never qualify for a liver transplant in Canada nor would there be a surgeon who would perform a surgery even with a donor. None of this is really new news.

Sean then got admitted into the hospital as last night he started to be confused and by the time we were at his appointment he was having a hard time forming sentences.

They have run a bunch of blood work and believe Sean has hepatic encephalopathy. Usually this is caused by the liver or kidneys failing. BUT the blood tests showed that liver function had not decreased from last month and his kidneys are functioning really well. So they believe the poisoning may be caused by an infection in his stomach. They are giving him antibiotics and a few other meds and believe his thinking should clear up. PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS.

Currently he is unable to make clear sentences and is quite frustrated by this. He also could not pronounce the kids names when they came in to see him.

Please pray for all the kids as well that they would have a peace that is unexplainable. They will all be going to school tomorrow as we are trying to keep some normality for them.
Pray for wisdom and supernatural healing.

Throughout this past year there have been many days like today where the future is bleak. Then I am reminded of how God has shown up and done the impossible. So I will choose to go to bed with that in my heart.

Please pray for seans feet

Thank you for continuing to pray.
Just wanted to hop on here quick and ask for a couple specific prayer requests and will be giving a more in depth update soon.

Please pray for seans feet. His left foot is very swollen and seems to be increasing in swelling instead of decreasing. Prayer for wisdom and that that god would heal this. It has happened before but this seems worse and needs prayer.

Tomorrow Sean is having an MRI in the evening. We are hoping to compare this mri to the MRI he had in Mexico. We are believing for BIG miracles on this scan. Would you join with us and pray and believe for major cancer shrinkage enough to change the minds of doctors here. I believe God could totally heal Sean of his cancer in an instant this is not Big ASK for God. I do not know why he has not healed Sean yet or whether this scan will show that Sean is healed. But I’m praying, please join me!

Acts 2:21 and whoever calls out to the lord for help, he will be saved!

wanted to call on you to pray

Not sure how many people check this at night. But wanted to call on you to pray.

Sean had procedure done today in the hospital to relieve pressure, As his abdomen was quite extended. They drained 5liters of fluid. Everything went well.

When he went in this morning though he had a temp. He’s been fighting a bit of a chest infection. Two of the kids have it as well. This evening his temperature has been rising. We both think it is his chest cold not infection from the procedure. But we need this fever to break. We actually really need prayer that he’d start feeling better. The last few weeks have been so rough.

Please pray for break through. Pray that his fever brakes. Pray that his energy is restored and by Tuesday he is feeling more then good. Pray that this chest infection goes.

Glad I can come and ask you to join me!

Romans 10:10 for it is by our faith that we are put right with God. It is by our confession that we are saved.

Sean has been so encouraged

What a weekend. Thank you to all my amazing team who gathered prizes, set up, planned, printed, and executed an amazing fundraiser. Thank you to every business and person who donated food, prizes, coffee, printing, and so much more. And of course thank you to BNA for the amazing venue, not only did they donate the space they had staff on running the amenities. We were truly so blessed by every person that came and gave!

The past few weeks have been hard, but Sean has been so encouraged. When we decided Sean needed to go to Mexico we had no idea how we would do it. But our amazing community has stepped up and faster and more then we ever knew possible has been provided. This gives us so much comfort as we don’t know what the road ahead looks like.

We are praying Sean travels safe and arrives well. We are believing this 3week treatment will be the start to recovery. We know that we are not walking this alone. Thank you.

There are still some amazing fundraisers happening. No pressure to go. Just wanting to keep everyone informed on how you can support and help.

Tomorrow. Nov. 28 Spin Co is hosting a spin class. If you like working out this place is actually one of the best times I’ve had on a spin bike. The class is 50mins long starts at 7:30pm limited spots available all proceeds go towards our trip.
Register online www.spinco.ca

Friday there is a bake sale/ craft sale at George Pringle elementary. 1-6pm some amazing friends of mine (best bakers I know) have baked a ton of stuff they are donating all sales to our family. So if you need Christmas baking!

Please continue to pray for Sean. He has been having pain in his stomach and feeling quite bloated. He also has a lot of water retention from his hospital stay. Pray for his swelling to go down.
Pray also for his breathing and our flight. That he would be comfortable and there would be no complications.

We know God is holding our future and His plans for us are good.

Jeremiah 33:3
Call to me and I will answer you. I will tell you wonderful and marvellous things that you know nothing about.

Another night in the hospital

Another night in the hospital. People keep asking how I’m doing it. I know I keep saying it’s because of you. But it is. Whether its encouragement, coffee, fresh hair, a beautiful card of encouragement. You all keep filling me up and I am thankful.

Sean’s blood came back last night and hemoglobin is still quite low 84. This is after 4transfusions. They decided to keep him and give him two more. He was unable to start them last night as he had a reaction to the first one so they had to stop and throw out the bag. He has had one this morning and we are waiting for the second.

Pray for his levels to rise!
Pray for his asthma the doctors are working on trying to figure out a good regime for him.
Pray for the kids. We’ve been away suddenly now for 3nights. They’ve been in and out of the hospital but it has been hard for them.

Psalm 9:1 I will praise you lord with all my heart. I will tell of all the wonderful things you have done.


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