Sean was hospitalized last night

Please continue to pray. Sean was hospitalized last night. His bleeding has not stopped. They do not want to take out the port as then he will not be able to do treatment. The doctors are giving him vitamin k and some blood products to try and regulate his blood so the wound will stop bleeding. Please pray for this.

It is really hard as we are here trying to get treatment and this is a huge set back. It’s quite discouraging for Sean. He also has had major headaches that they are unable to treat.

I hate writing these updates and so want to report good news. Instantly I was reminded of Isaiah 40:1. They that wait in the Lord will renew their strength.

Have you ever waited for something. It is NOT fun. Waiting is never fun. When your waiting it seems like there will never be an end or reward. But this verse says they that wait on the Lord RENEW their strength.
So I am believing this for both Sean and I. We are waiting and believing we will come out stronger on the other side.

Thank you for praying!

Sean is increasing in strength

One week done. Sean is increasing in strength. His cough is gone and he continues to walk to the clinic everyday.

His pain has gotten less and he has been feeling stronger. When we initially arrived Seans INR was high which means his blood is thin and not clotting well. Because of this they were unable to put a port in. Basically a port is very helpful because then they do not need to poke him daily for him to be able to receive all of the different intervenes therapies. They have been giving him vitamin K to bring down his INR. Yesterday they decided they could port in.

Tonight we are back here at the hospital as the port has not healed and continues to bleed. Please pray for wisdom and that they would be able to correct the issue. They have decided to keep him in the hospital over night for observation. Continue to pray for seans spirits. It’s been such a long year and when he has different things go wrong he feels pretty beat up.

Treatments are going well and we are incredibly grateful to be here. A huge thank you to the army that is taking care of our kids from bringing daily meals, making lunches, giving drives. And then the two amazing ladies Anne and Mary who have taken time off work to stay with the kids. It brings me so much peace knowing they are in good hands.

Praying and believing for big miracles.

We are in Mexico

We are in Mexico!!!! Sean and I arrived on Tuesday. The flights went well considering we both had very bad chest infections and I had a fever the entire time. I apologize for the lack of updates these last few weeks have been a bit of a blur making all the arrangements to get here. The kids are all back in Canada and in very good hands which keeps my heart at peace.

I am feeling much better and Sean’s chest infection is improving too. We are both so thankful to be here but the battle is just beginning.

Sean has been having a hard time since arriving. He still has quite a lot of pain and these last three months have really taken a toll on his spirit and soul. He is so thankful to be here but is having a hard time getting his head up. Please pray for this.

The clinic has changed the chef that was here last time and have made the diet much more strict which is a hard thing for Sean. He already has restricted himself so much and to have to increase this is really quite hard for him.

Good news he has been walking to and from the hotel to the hospital every day. His swelling in his feet and stomach are gone right now. His cough has gotten a bit better.

He is still quite tired but is in the right place. Doing all his therapies and spending around 9hrs a day at the hospital.

Believing for big miracles ahead. Thank you for standing with us.

2cor4:9 We get knocked down but are not destroyed.

Still needing daily prayer

Still needing daily prayer. Taking one day at a time. It is hard because everything has come together for us to go to Mexico.
Our flights are booked, dear friends that are family are coming and watching our kids. But Sean has been so sick. This chest infection has really done a number on him.

Please pray.
Pray for a miracle.
For wisdom on how to move forward.
For miracle results in his blood work.

We are still doing his daily routine of 100s of supplements, bio mats, heat light therapy, rife therapy, ect. He has been such a trooper taking pills when he is so exhausted.

Pray for his asthma.
Pray for his appetite.

He is getting bloodwork done tomorrow and his stomach drained early wed morning.
Pray for all this to go well and a quick recovery.

Thank you for praying. It means more then you will ever know.

There is such power in faith and prayer. I’ve attached a little video of Millah talking about her shirt and what it means to her.

I definitely grow weary

Your continued love support and prayers continue to keep our heads up, our hopes unwavering, and our faith strong. Thank you for the continued messages, meals dropped off, financial support it all means so much.

I will be writing a more in depth update in a few days on the plans and needs and ways you can help before we leave for Mexico. Thank you for asking.

I am writing right now to ask for prayer for Sean. I definitely grow weary as there seems to always be some new struggle. Then I have to remind myself of how much we have gone threw and the amazing miracles we’ve seen.

Sean has a chest infection. Pray for this. It is really affecting his breathing and appetite. I’m sure he got it while in the hospital. He is not on antibiotics as he has been on them too much and that can cause other issues.

His feet are doing better but still have some minor swelling. Pray also for his bloating in his stomach. Until this chest infection he had been doing quite well in this area. But now again is seeming to retain fluid.

Thanks for praying. We continue one day at a time.

Romans 15:4 everything written in the scripture was written to teach us. In order that we might have hope through patience and encouragement.

What a week. Where to start

What a week. Where to start.
Thank you for praying, loving, supporting, and standing with us. Seeing so many of you in your shirts lifts our spirits. This week was the hardest, yet we felt so carried.

On Saturday Sean and I decided to have the really hard conversation with the kids. We explained that we are believing for a miracle and going to continue to fight but even if dad dies this does not mean we have failed. The thing for us is, in knowing God we know He holds the future whether here on earth or in heaven. The conversation went well and we cried together and are moving forward with great hope and anticipation in the miracles God will/has perform.

Sean is home! They let him go home yesterday as the test for infection in his stomach came back negative. No infection. This is great but also puzzling as they do not know what caused the hepatic encephalopathy. It has been totally corrected by Sean taking lactulose. AND I believe prayer. He is 100% back to his normal self mentally when on Thursday he could not say Lennon’s name, thought we were in 2006 and that I was his daughter.

Last week Sean and I made a video explaining our plans, and costs. (Thank you Kyle for putting this together) you can see it on our web page www.prayforsean.com
Sean also has been working with Talei Cama Moroka to launch another shirt fundraiser campaign.



After this weekend before we could tell you about this video or the new fundraiser THIS morning we found out all of our Mexico costs are covered you’ve raised the funds!

Our flights are booked for March 26.
Sean and I will be going for 3weeks. The kids will be staying here. We will be returning with more home treatment for another 3months.

It is kind of hard to explain how we feel. We are so thankful. If you bought a shirt or missed out on the last shirts you can buy one of Talei’s and other collaborators new designs. we will of course still need funds in the future. We are continuing to live on a third of seans salary. We will be putting the funds away for treatment down the road. Again we are so thankful for everyone’s love and support. We want you to know what you’ve accomplished and how thankful we are.

Please continue to pray.
Pray for his liver pain.
Pray for his swollen feet.
Pray for a miracle.

Joshua 1:9 have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged for the lord your god will be with you wherever you go.


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