Sean mustered up enough strength to get out of the house

All your comments and prayers mean the world to our family. Just finished reading them and am always so encouraged.

Yesterday I took the kids to church on my own which always feels a little strange. We all had a lovely time at church. After we went home and Sean mustered up enough strength to get out of the house. We went and watched BREAKTHROUGH as a family. Pretty inspiring true story of a kid actually being raised from the dead. Crazy miracle. It was good to talk about the movie and what each of our highlights or what we could relate to in the movie individually.

Went to bed and was woken up by Sean. This has become our new normal and has been going on for weeks but for the last three days he wakes up multiple times very disoriented and not knowing where he is or what time it is and not being able to communicate what he’s thinking.

Truth be told I’ve been avoiding the hospital. Today we were suppose to start all his health regime from Mexico. (Bought over $11000 worth of supplements) I was praying and believing we wouldn’t have to go to the hospital and could get ahead of this and not have another set back.

At 3:30am I ended up bringing Sean to the ER. His ammonium levels were higher then when he was admitted back in the beginning of March. He is getting admitted to the hospital and is being monitored. Currently we are still in triage as we are waiting to speak with a doctor and for a room.

This is definitely not how I wanted to spend my Easter Monday. We had planned to have my family over for dinner. But I am thankful for yesterday, for the sunshine, and good time we had. This season has really taught me to cherish every moment.

Pray for Sean
For clarity of mind
For his pneumonia levels to come down
Wisdom with doctors
No other infections
Supernatural energy for me I’m running on empty

Psalm 22:31 they shall come and declare that he has done it.

Please pray for Sean

Please pray for Sean. Everyday I run into people and they always say I’m reading your updates, you’re always on my mind, I’m praying for you. I can’t explain what peace, and hope this brings me and our whole family.

I sometimes feel like a broken record. I sometimes feel like what’s the point. I sometimes feel like giving up. But this page, these people that I run into everyday remind me of the miracle that is Sean. Everyday is a miracle with him. How many prayers have been answered. How many times has the impossible turned around.

So when trouble comes everyday and it seems to come consistently I have to come here. I have to ask will you pray for Sean?!

Sean’s draining went well. 8liters of fluid. This is not a surprise as he had three blood transfusions in Mexico and often fluid builds up rapidly in someone with his condition. He was up a lot of the night and this morning woke up quite disoriented again. Very similar to last month when he was hospitalized. He had not been taking lactulose. So has taken it today and we will continue. He’s still having a hard time getting his thoughts into sentences. Please pray. We really do not want to spend easter in the hospital. We are going to stay home tonight PRAY and see how he is in the morning!

Thanks for joining us.

I won the sister lottery

Thank you. Wanted to take this time to give a huge shout out to all the people that made I and Sean’s trip to Mexico possible.
We arrived home very late last night. Everything went well and we were happy to be home in our bed with our kids. As I lay in bed my mind started racing. Thinking of the many many people who have supported us this past year.

Special thanks to Anne and Mary. Both of them took holiday time and unpaid hours off work, came out on their own dime and spent a total of 19 days with our kids. They didn’t just get threw the time either. They made it so memorable for the kids and made each one of them feel safe, and loved and I am so thankful.

Thank you to Esther and Brian who took them on the last 2day stint. Juggling their jobs and getting the kids when they were really ready for us to come home. Brian and Esther have done so much for us this past year and without their support I’d be lost. Esther makes dinner every Thursday and brings it over. Oh and she cleaned my house and bought me flowers. I won the sister lottery.

Thank you to all the people who brought meals regularly over the past three weeks, all of these people have brought a multitude of food over the past year and always show up with a meal when I need it. Our kids feel so loved seeing so many care for them. Thank you mom for making their lunches for two weeks straight. This is not a fun job and they loved your lunches, now to get them back to eating the leftovers I shove in the the lunch kit. Thank you Sue for making lunch and ordering them hot lunch for the month such a blessing and countless others who drove them to birthday parties and soccer games. I am so thankful for this community that came around and has been around this entire year. We feel blessed.

Of course thank you to those who have prayed, bought shirts, and given money! There were two anonymous donors who gave very large amounts of money which made this last trip possible. It’s hard to relate what a relief it is when you have to write a chq each week for 8000-10000 dollarsUS at the clinic and to not have to worry about taking out a loan or whether we will be able to put food on the table when you get home. We are so thankful that we got to do this trip.

It was a super hard trip and Sean has been giving his all. He is returning home with a lot more energy and no liver pain. He has not taken pain killers since he was in the hospital in Mexico. So over 2weeks. However from the different complications that took place while down there he is extremely bloated and his feet a very swollen. He is getting drained tomorrow morning so please pray everything goes well and without complication.

Thank you for continuing to pray, love, and fight with us. We continue one day at a time.

Sean finished his treatment today

THANK YOU to everyone who prayed this afternoon for Sean. Thank you for all your messages. Another huge shout out to all my family and dear ones back home who are taking such good care of our kids. We are so thankful for you.

Sean finished his treatment today instead of tomorrow. They were afraid his port might start bleeding when they took it out so we wanted to make sure we would be near the hospital the next few days to monitor the situation.

GOOD NEWS! It did not start to bleed. I can’t really explain what a relief this is after watching blood pour out of him for three days straight. Please continue to pray that is does not open up. As it didn’t bleed initially when it was put in but opened up the following day. The doctor said don’t worry he’s going to be ok. What a nice change. Even though he is erring on the side of Hope and there is a chance it could open and they are going to monitor it. He still gave hope. I so appreciated this. I wish this attitude could come to North America’s medical field. Giving hope is ok. Even if it’s not going to be ok we still need hope. This is coming from me and I’m a realist.

Sean is feeling better then when he came. He is ready to see the kids again. We bought all the medication to bring back. There are around 20 different supplements, costing over $11,000 Canadian. Pills to take, tinctures to drink, and some vaccines as well. We will continue these with other supplements we’ve been using along side some therapy machines we purchased. We will start this as soon as we are home.

Thank you for your continued prayer. Sean is feeling much more hopeful returning home and we are forever thankful to you and how you have played a roll in this.

Psalm 126:5 they that sow in tears will reap in joy.

This trip to Mexico has been a lot different

This trip to Mexico has been a lot different then our last one. It has been hard to not have the kids here as over the last 16years we have always done everything as a family. They are all doing well and we are so thankful for our community that has come around them in our absence.

I have found this time too compared to December, Sean has had a huge battle not only physically but mentally as well. And although most doctors in Canada will disagree, I have seen how much battling sickness is also part of your spirit and mind battle. The Canadian system has broken seans spirit over and over again. Here the Doctors are trying to encourage him and get his hopes up but it is hard after battling this for so long.

Every time I’ve felt discouraged or thought maybe we need to except the facts he’s sick and he’s not getting better whenever I start thinking like this it is crazy the encouragement that comes to not let go to not give up. Like seriously random ppl in a restaurant who speak English. Share their miracle stories and say don’t give up you’ll get healed to Sean. The guy in the coffee shop asks me “do you believe in God? It’s ok if you don’t but look to him I believe he’s going to heal your husband.”
Like what. Ok God. We won’t give up. You have raised dead people. I’ve seen miracles happen.

He can do this for us too. So we are still believing for a total miracle. Sean is doing treatment everyday. Please continue to pray for his headaches. Also that he’d be able to sleep at night. He was up all night last night.

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.
Jer. 31:25

What a roller coaster up, down, and all around

What a roller coaster up, down, and all around. This is how a new friend described her and her husbands battle with cancer and oh how I could relate.

The last two days have been such an emotional roller coaster. We are going into almost two weeks away from all our kids and missing them greatly. My dear friend had to leave back to Mexico at the exact time that seans liver was basically crashing.

He bled for three days straight. Pouring blood. He had to stay in bed while they bandaged and put heavy weight/pressure on his wound. All the while trying to correct his blood so that the bleeding would stop. That is the amazing thing about being in Mexico compared to Canada. They do not just put band aids on things but go to the root of the problem and try and correct that.

That is what they have been doing the last three days. In between bandage changes soaked in blood. Sean received 6 doses of blood product to correct his coagulation along with multiple shots of vitamin k. After that they needed to give him two blood transfusions.

So after three nights in the hospital, 6 infusions, 2transfusions around $4000 he is stable. His blood is at a normal point. Which is a Miracle. They are keeping him one more night in the hospital (costs $400usd per night) to monitor him. But he should be able to stay tomorrow night back at the hotel and continue next week as an out patient.

He is quite tired and also got a bed sore from being trapped to the bed. He is still having headaches too but is looking much better today. The good things are they have continued treatment of his liver this whole time. And his spirits are not down.

THANK YOU your prayers, encouraging messages, just knowing so many were standing with us means the world. Seriously helped keep my head up.
Continuing to fight.
Continuing to pray.
Continuing to take one day at a time.

Eph 6:13 and having done everything. Stand firm!


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