April 17, 2019

I won the sister lottery

Thank you. Wanted to take this time to give a huge shout out to all the people that made I and Sean’s trip to Mexico possible.
We arrived home very late last night. Everything went well and we were happy to be home in our bed with our kids. As I lay in bed my mind started racing. Thinking of the many many people who have supported us this past year.

Special thanks to Anne and Mary. Both of them took holiday time and unpaid hours off work, came out on their own dime and spent a total of 19 days with our kids. They didn’t just get threw the time either. They made it so memorable for the kids and made each one of them feel safe, and loved and I am so thankful.

Thank you to Esther and Brian who took them on the last 2day stint. Juggling their jobs and getting the kids when they were really ready for us to come home. Brian and Esther have done so much for us this past year and without their support I’d be lost. Esther makes dinner every Thursday and brings it over. Oh and she cleaned my house and bought me flowers. I won the sister lottery.

Thank you to all the people who brought meals regularly over the past three weeks, all of these people have brought a multitude of food over the past year and always show up with a meal when I need it. Our kids feel so loved seeing so many care for them. Thank you mom for making their lunches for two weeks straight. This is not a fun job and they loved your lunches, now to get them back to eating the leftovers I shove in the the lunch kit. Thank you Sue for making lunch and ordering them hot lunch for the month such a blessing and countless others who drove them to birthday parties and soccer games. I am so thankful for this community that came around and has been around this entire year. We feel blessed.

Of course thank you to those who have prayed, bought shirts, and given money! There were two anonymous donors who gave very large amounts of money which made this last trip possible. It’s hard to relate what a relief it is when you have to write a chq each week for 8000-10000 dollarsUS at the clinic and to not have to worry about taking out a loan or whether we will be able to put food on the table when you get home. We are so thankful that we got to do this trip.

It was a super hard trip and Sean has been giving his all. He is returning home with a lot more energy and no liver pain. He has not taken pain killers since he was in the hospital in Mexico. So over 2weeks. However from the different complications that took place while down there he is extremely bloated and his feet a very swollen. He is getting drained tomorrow morning so please pray everything goes well and without complication.

Thank you for continuing to pray, love, and fight with us. We continue one day at a time.

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