November 10, 2019

cup half empty or half full

Thank you everyone who continues to love on us and support us. This great big community truly amazes me as so many of you uphold all six members and pieces of Seans heart that are here. This past month time and time again when Ive felt heart broken or discouraged or even wondered how I’ll make ends meet so many different people have showed up. Whether its with a hug and an encouraging word, groceries at my door, or covering large monthly bills. Thank you.

Ive been thinking a lot about looking at the cup half empty or half full and to be truthful i’ve lived a very full cup life. Even when it was half full it was quite clear how blessed we were. Since Sean died its felt like the cup has been shattered. Some days trying to just clear the tears to pick up the pieces of glass is difficult. But I have found in these times there is always someone or even just a still small voice that is consistent and says I will help you gather these pieces and put this cup back together. I have found in this most vulnerable raw times I am learning far more then I have ever in my most capable times. And it is only through accepting help and support from others where healing truly comes this is so hard. But I will continue to do so. So thank you for being willing to be our hands and feet.

Heading into Christmas is going to be unmeasurably hard. I am trying to keep the attitude of Quinton who said, “christmas is going to be very different without dad”

And I am believing it will be different but it does not have to bad, horrible, and sucky, instead I am pushing forward and into love, peace, and joy this season.

Many of you have asked how you can help us. Its been hard for me to wrap my brain around Christmas without Sean and even writing that brings a certain heaviness. We both loved Christmas and our home has always been filled with so much Christmas spirit.

So if you could firstly pray for this for us. That would be so appreciated.

Other needs are:
Christmas Lights for the house.
Someone to put up lights on the house

Jenna is heading to bible college at Hillsong Australia in January. I am going over for 10 days to help settle her in. She has finances for her first semester. So proud of her and all her hard work she has done to get herself there. She would love your continued prayer over this next season as God leads and guides her.

Praying for all those heading into the holidays who are not looking forward to it. I understand this weight now, but truly believe it can be Merry and Bright even this heavy season

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$25.00 USD


$25.00 USD