May 2, 2019

An update to the update

An update to the update. This is probably what has been hardest about this season is every single day brings a roller coaster of change.

Yesterday I was vacuuming and Sean called me to his room. He said he felt like he was having a heart attack. We waited a few minutes. I could see his heart racing and that he was sweating. We prayed together and then decided to call 911 as he did not feel like he could get up for me to drive him to the hospital.

The ambulance came and it was the right choice that we called. Of course all this took place right while the kids were getting out of school. And as has been the usual this amazing community showed up. Friends picked up the kids from the bus. Millah went to the neighbours and what could have been a traumatizing experience turned into a fun play date pizza party at their friends. Wow. How thankful I am for this. Watching my kids walk threw this with the army of constant support around them brings a certain lightness to my heart and I can never explain how thankful I am for this.

On arriving at the hospital seans heart was still beating at 185 bpm and his blood pressure was dangerously low. If left his heart would have crashed. They gave him adenosine, which is a drug that essentially restarts his heart. This brought his heart beat down and corrected the problem. They are keeping him in the hospital as his INR is high and he has a bed sore that has opened and will not stop bleeding.

He is feeling much better now that is heart is functioning right. But it sucks to be back here again.

We are not loosing heart and he continues to fight. Still believing that a miracle could take place at anytime. Greater things have been done.

Thank you for your love and prayers.

Col 4:2 Be persistent in prayer and keep alert as you pray giving thanks to god!

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